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There is nothing more exciting than enjoying casual encounters, discovering intimate games, and feeling the thrill of meeting a new sexual partner. But all this is even more intense if it is done as a couple. A very special way to reactivate desire, to escape monotony and to experience sex in a different way.

Who has never dreamed of having a threesome with his partner and another woman? A sexual fantasy that can become reality and that can transport the two of you to a different place and make relationships feel like something different and magical.

To enjoy trio sex you have to have a clear mind. There is no use being tied to jealousy, to the feeling of possession. Freedom and desire go hand in hand and there are very pleasant ways to share the joy of feeling. A couples assistance escort can be the ideal option to enter the world of shared sex. Something that is only valid for couples without jealousy.

Couples with an open mind and freedom can consider this situation. How about hiring an escort to enjoy sex between three? A practical way to do that dream trio but without the chains imposed by feelings and knowing that she will only be there for the duration of the service. No ties, no feelings, no sense of possession.

Where to find a couples assistance escort?

Escorts for couples know how to attend to the tastes and needs of both them and theirs. Authentic pleasure professionals who can move between the two, offering caresses and receiving the attention of both. Beautiful women who master the art of sex and who can please both members of the couple. And, in addition, actively participate in the proposed games. Give and receive pleasure in intense sessions in which routine and monotony are forgotten and a new dimension of pleasure is entered. A way to feel the couple in a different way and to awaken the senses.

An escort for couples will not only pay attention to the man, but also offers the woman the caresses and attention that she requires. You will know how to be there for both of you and make the experience unique for both of you. Hiring an escort for couples is a great idea to make the relationship much more ardent, without complications or bad feelings. Only pleasure, only sex and well-being for the two members of the couple.

More escort services that provide assistance to couples

It is possible that the couple will continue to advance in these types of situations and three-way relationships. For those liberal couples who are looking for something more, there are more services that the escort for couples can offer. If you choose to go to a local exchange and have one more person to enjoy sex, you can be accompanied by a professional. This can make not only the couple enjoy exchanges with other couples, but they can make the escort part of the game, with other participants. But also, an escort can accompany a man to that same liberal venue, as if he were his partner. So you can participate as a partner of the man or the woman and be one of the people who leads the exchange.

The practice of going to exchange places with escorts is quite common. Perhaps the usual partner is not willing to carry out this practice or it is simply a man or a woman who has no one to go with. Everything is more fun with a partner, so going to these liberal places with an escort can be not only easier but also much more pleasant.

  • Escorts for several men at the same time
    Another possibility is that the escort’s services are aimed at having several men interact with her. For that there are also professionals, who know how to move and make the intimate moment as pleasant as possible and that everyone enjoys equally.
    The presence of a professional escort makes it necessary to establish certain rules, knowing who is calling the shots and what kind of actions and activities are going to be carried out. So you have to talk to the escort, who has to know how many participants there are going to be and what is expected of her. Everything, with the utmost respect and care that must be taken in this type of relationship.
  • Two escorts to enjoy twice
    When you want to enjoy a trio, it is often thought that it is a couple who hires the escort to join them. But it could also be that it is a client, man or woman, who wants to experience pleasure with two more people.
    For this reason, escorts for couples are also available to provide this service as a duo. The client will be able to feel all those sensations that arise from a threesome thanks to the good work of our girls. There is no problem, because there are escorts who also perform lesbian services. This is essential to be able to enjoy great moments in the threesomes that you propose.

Where to find an escort in Madrid that performs services for couples?

If you are looking for the best professional escorts in Madrid, willing to make you have a great time, Rusas Vip offers you the best. Girls who will make you enjoy the experience, discreet and attentive that will turn every moment into something very special and exciting. A solution to give more heat to your relationship and to everything you want to discover.

Get in touch with Rusas Vip and simply ask what you need and what experience you want to live. We guarantee the best escort service for couples and much more. Do not hesitate and open your mind with your partner to feel everything we can offer you. Make your fantasy come true just by contacting us. We are here to always offer you the best possible service!


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